Camping And Tenting

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Living in tents with limited facilities sounds cool, but in real it’s a bit difficult to manage a night or day in tent. Problem is one need to understand it properly as tents are coming in so many types these days, that to choose one type and differentiate it according to the purpose, need and number of persons to be residing in is quite a job.

Let’s discuss some types of tents according to needs and their pros and cons, so that one will be in a better position to select a suitable type:

Pop Up tent: this type is normally suited to immature campers, as it does not require any construction; it takes the shape itself without any hard work, yes! One needs to tie it to the ground in order to maintain the stability and ground grip. Easily two persons can be accommodated in this type of tent, it has no proper shape as mentioned before (it doesn’t require construction). Most of the time one can witness the use of such kinds in late night music event at the beach. Evidently pros are easy to install, light weight and can be carried anywhere with ease; on the other hand during heavy wind it may break down second it doesn’t have much head space.

Dome tent: most popular type of tent easily available almost everywhere for camping purpose. Two to three persons can be accommodated in a dome tent very easily, it has marginal headspace as it needs to be constructed with the help of two to three poles to create a nice arch above (which resists the rain water and helps to cut heavy wind). But the biggest disadvantage of a dome tent is the more high one will make the arch the more it will catch heavy winds and the camper will face the problem, on the contrary it has a detachable ground sheet, comparatively stronger than pop up tent and this make it a better choice. Visit for best fishing rods.

Tunnel tent: need more space for family or friends in a tent go for GPS fish finder for sale consists of two to four arch poles which helps to give it a tunnel kind appearance, more head space with extra accommodation for two persons. Biggest advantage is it can resist heavy weather and windy situation, so if you are planning to visit some windy area carry a tunnel tent with you and enjoy the most of it. This brings us towards the disadvantage of this type of tent, it can resist strong wind and weather so definitely it weighs more than the above two kinds of tent cannot be carried for longer time periods.

There are so many other options available when we search tents for camping, but as mentioned one must know the actual purpose along with the destination where he/she is planning to situate it, otherwise even an expensive and good quality tent won’t work properly, because definitely it is not made for the purpose one is using it.